About us

our history

Nimbus Juices was founded in 2016 and was registered as a business (Pty Ltd). Our Premium E- Liquids are made of the highest quality ingredients and are sold at lower than average prices. Our products have a 75 VG/ 25 PG ratio and contains 3 mg Nicotine and for now we sale our product in 30ml glass childproof capped dripper bottles. We use on the best concentrates and nicotine from well-known companies in South Africa.

Who We are!!!

In the early 2019 we put all juice making on hold to start Nimbus Juices Vape Shop as there was no vendors in the Wellington area. We offer a wide variety of vape related products and serves, whether you are a Smoker wanting to switch to vaping, a beginner vaper or an advanced vaper.  We try our best to satisfy all customer with years of experience and friendly staff, making you apart of our little vaping community.


We source all hardware and Vape Liquids from reputable manufactures and/or vendors, and make sure that they fit the Vaping industries standards. That way we can offer reliable and reputable service to all vapers.

We have also now started stocking a local legitimate CBD manufactures products. We will also be manufacturing our own Vape Juices soon via a reputable ISO7 lab. 

Our Mission

Striving to offer our customers the best vaping experience in a setting that makes customers feel at home.

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